Euna Kim

Selca owner theark_eunakim
Pop type K-pop
Stage name (romanized)Euna Kim
Stage name (original)유나킴
Real name (romanized)Euna Kim
Real name (original) 유나킴
Birth date 1994-10-27 (age 25)
Hometown New York
Height 164.0cm (5'5")
Weight 47.0kg (104lb)
Blood type O
Debut date 2014-05-23 (5 years and 8 months ago)
Country of origin usa United States of America


Name Company Debut date Disbandment date Current member Roles
media 1323320 The Ark (디아크) Music K Entertainment 2015-04-12 2016 Group disbanded
media 1392455 Khan (칸) Maroo Entertainment 2018-05-23 Yes