Selca is a fan operated archive of J-pop and K-pop idols' social media posts.

Our focus is on currently active groups and idols. Archival of accounts from disbanded groups and retired idols may be interrupted at any time.


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You can contact us by sending an e-mail message to sel...@proton.me . Any feedback is welcome.

If you want to reset your password, make sure to message us from the same e-mail address that you used when registering your account.


If you're interested in mass downloading the medias we have archived, please be aware that we make available a master list of all archived accounts' medias. Each line contains a link to a list of all medias we have archived from one account. These same links are also present at the top of our account pages, which themselves can be found in our searchable accounts table. By downloading every list and then downloading all the medias listed in each one, you'll be able to save all of our archived medias without placing excessive stress on our database. We also provide a similar list linking the metadata we have.

Feeding the lists described above into a mass downloader tool should provide you with a local copy of everything we have. One such tool is jdownloader, though many others exist and you may choose whichever one you prefer. Note that using a regular general purpose web crawler on our front page (without respecting /robots.txt) is a bad idea since it will perform a number of unnecessary and expensive requests which will strain our server much more than simply directly downloading all the medias.

We thank you for your understanding and ask you to please contact the e-mail address above if you have any questions or run into any trouble using a mass downloader as we just described.