Selca owner lovelyz_kei
Pop type K-pop
Stage name (romanized)Kei
Stage name (original)Kei
Real name (romanized)Kim Jiyeon
Real name (original) 지연 (金志姸)
Birth date 1995-03-20 (age 28)
Chinese zodiac sign 🐖 Pig
Western zodiac sign ♓ Pisces
Hometown Incheon
Height 162.0cm (5'4")
Weight 40.0kg (88lb)
Blood type O
Debut date 2014-11-12 (8 years and 10 months ago)
Country of origin kor Korea, Republic of


Name Company Debut date Disbandment date Current member Roles
media 5125541
Wake One, LM Entertainment, Apple Monster Yes
media 1734035
Woollim Entertainment 2014-11-12 2021-11-16 Group disbanded Main vocal