Kim Sohye

Selca owner ioi_sohye
Pop type K-pop
Stage name (romanized)Kim Sohye
Stage name (original)김소혜
Real name (romanized)Kim Sohye
Real name (original) 소혜 (金素慧)
Birth date 1999-07-19 (age 20)
Hometown Seoul
Height 166.0cm (5'5")
Weight 50.0kg (110lb)
Blood type A
Debut date 2016-05-04 (3 years and 8 months ago)
Country of origin kor Korea, Republic of


Name Company Debut date Disbandment date Current member Roles
media 653123 I.O.I (아이오아이) YMC Entertainment, CJ E&M 2016-05-04 2017-01-31 Group disbanded