Nasty Nasty

Selca group nastynasty
Display name (romanized)Nasty Nasty
Display name (original)네스티네스티
Debut date 2014-09-03 (5 years and 10 months ago)

Main group

Name Company Debut date Disbandment date
media 1263135 Nine Muses (나인뮤지스) Star Empire Entertainment 2010-08-12 2019-02-11

Members (2)

Stage name Real name Birthdate Height Weight Blood type Debut date Place of origin Roles
media 854824 Kyungri Park Kyungri (박경리) 1990-07-05 (age 30) 170.4cm (5'7") 51.0kg (112lb) O 2012-01-11 kor Busan
media 798474 Sojin Cho Sojin (조소진) 1991-10-11 (age 28) 168.2cm (5'6") AB 2014-09-04 kor Masan