Selca group kard
Display name (romanized)KARD
Display name (original)KARD
CompanyDSP Media
Debut date 2017-07-19 (2 years and 10 months ago)
Disbandment date

Members (2)

Stage name Real name Birthdate Height Weight Blood type Debut date Place of origin Roles
media 764936 Jeon Somin Jeon Somin (전소민) 1996-08-22 (age 23) 163.0cm (5'4") A 2012-04-07 kor Seoul Main vocal
media 1308695 Jeon Jiwoo Jeon Jiwoo (전지우) 1996-10-04 (age 23) 165.0cm (5'5") A 2017-07-19 kor Seoul